Rich & Royal

Rich & Royal creates passionate fashion for self-confident, trend-conscious women who go through life in style, and who value high quality and modern looks.

True to the philosophy of "live rich - act royal", Rich & Royal collections are characterised by their made-in-Europe high quality. They offer contemporary, trend-conscious styles that are both expressive and authentic.

During development of the collection, particular importance is attached to the high quality of the materials and their perfect fit. Every year 4 collections are developed that are delivered to the retail market on 10 different dates tailored to suit a market need as self-contained theme & colour capsules.

Rich & Royal has already established itself as a lifestyle brand and represents contemporary & fashionable outfits.

Rich & Royal also reacts to the latest trends with seasonal flash programmes. In this way the company once again illustrates its feel for the latest trends in the fashion world.

When it comes to production, the company is particularly proud of the associated sustainability and social standards. Almost the entire product range is MADE IN EUROPE. Italy and Portugal are the main production countries. Almost all the materials are acquired from France and Italy. Just a small part of the outerwear and leather products are manufactured in Turkey or the Far