elixir de bombe
elixir de bombe

elixir de bombe

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27 87 redefines luxury in the simplest terms: We invest in unique, top-quality ingredients, meticulous research, and expert traditional craftsmanship by local Barcelona artisans to create perfumes that are long-lasting, blended to evolve over time, and always a bit unforeseen.

27 87 co-creates, rather than dictates, the here and now. No memory, no past: This is a line of progressive, inquisitive perfumes that are canvas and complement to an unadorned Now.


For exceptional moments and rare encounters: “elixir de bombe” unfolds in robust notes of red pepper, ginger, and tangy tangerine. Paired with rock rose, raspberry, and sweet caramel, it’s a scent both confident and slyly sensual.

Tangerine, Red Pepper, Ginger
Ylang-Ylang, Rock Rose, Raspberry
Caramel, Leather, Amber

Eau De Parfum / Natural Spray

Eau De Parfum / Natural Spray

87ML/ 2.9 LF.OZ

Made in Spain